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Feb 20
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Disappointed In Your Tax Refund?

If your tax refund is less than you anticipated, you are not alone. In a report issued by the Treasury Department on February 14, the average refund it is paying in 2019 has dropped to $1,949 from $2,135 in the prior year. In addition, the number of returns filed so... read more →
Feb 19
Feb 14
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Relief From The Affordable Care Act Penalty For Not Being Insured

Thanks to the tax reform, beginning in 2019, the penalty for not having adequate health insurance, which the government refers to as the “individual shared responsibility payment,” will no longer apply. The elimination of this penalty as of 2019 does not impact the health care subsidy for low-income families, which... read more →
Feb 12
Feb 12
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Becoming a Smarter Renter

Renting an apartment, condo or house; leasing a piece of equipment; renting business property; leasing a car: all involve the common practice of renting something that is owned by someone else. To make sure you always have a good experience, here are some hints to becoming a smarter renter. Read... read more →
Feb 07
Dec 20
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2018 Tax Deduction Finder – (aka Tax Organizer)

To get ready for your tax appointment, we use tax organizers to help us identify missing tax deductions and get you more organized before your appointment. We update the tax organizer annually to make sure you are compliant with the latest tax law changes. The 2018 individual tax organizer is... read more →
Dec 19
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2019 Standard Mileage Rates Announced

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) computes standard mileage rates for business, medical and moving each year, based on a number of factors, to determine the standard mileage rates for the following year.  As it does annually around the end of the year, the IRS has announced the 2019 optional standard... read more →
Dec 16
Dec 11